Castor-Glide Digital Piano Castors

Date Posted:6 September 2019 

Move your digital piano easily across any type of floor with 3 rotating wheels on each side.

Musisca Digital Piano Castors are high quality, heavy duty castors cleverly designed to fit almost any digital upright piano. 

Aided by a castor lock on each side, they allow easy manoeuvrability with scratch free wheels protecting the base of the piano and the flooring.

The extra safe, low profle design raises the piano only 18mm off the ground, enabling you to play with the castors attached and also keeping a low ground clearance to aid stability. Non-slip shoes ensure that your piano will stay in position, even on the most polished of floors.

  • Move your digital piano easily across any type of floor with 3 rotating wheels on each side
  • Universal fit for all popular digital piano models
  • Made from black powder-coated steel with non-slip rubber mats
  • Only raises piano 1.8cm off the ground for increased stability
  • Swivel wheels with scratch-free rubber tyres and secure brake
  • External dimensions (per castor): 63cm x 27cm (length x width)
  • Internal dimensions (per castor): 54cm x 9.5cm (length x width)
  • Max. piano feet size: 54cm x 9.5cm (length x width)
  • Max. load: 150kg

Compatible digital piano models

Yamaha Clavinova & Arius:

  • Arius YDP series: YDP113, YDP121, YDP130, YDP131, YDP140, YDP141, YDP142, YDP143, YDP144, YDP150, YDP160, YDP161, YDP162, YDP163, YDP164
  • Clavinova CLP series: CLP280, CLP380, CLPS406, CLPS408, CLP430, CLP440, CLP470, CLP480, CLP525, CLP535, CLP545, CLP575, CLP585, CLP625, CLP635, CLP645, CLP675, CLP685
  • Clavinova CVP series: CVP401, CVP403, CVP501, CVP503, CVP601, CVP605, CVP701, CVP705
  • Clavinova CSP series: CSP150, CSP170

Casio Celviano:

  • AP series: AP6BP, AP25, AP33, AP80, AP200, AP220, AP250, AP260, AP270, AP420, AP450, AP460, AP470, AP620, AP650, AP700
  • Grand Hybrid GP series: GP300, GP400, GP500

Roland LX, RP, & HP:

  • RP series: RP101, RP201, RP301, RP301R, RP401R, RP501R, RP102
  • HP series: HP302, HP305, HP307, HP503, HP504, HP505, HP506, HP507, HP508, HP601, HP603A
  • LX series: LX7, LX10, LX10F, LX15, LX15E, LX17, LX705, LX706
  • HPi series: HPi5, HPi6, HPi6F, HPi7, HPi7F


  • CA95, CA97, CA65, CA15, CN34, CN33, CN24, KDP80, KDP90