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SpeedDeck makes building your performance area even easier with stronger platforms, lighter materials and with all the flexibility expected from the easiest and fastest staging system on the market. Platforms are easy to manoeuvre and operate, which rapidly reduces the time spent on setting up.

Due to the fact that SpeedDeck is a portable stage, it needs to have certain features to suit all varied performers and settings. You can rely on SpeedDeck for its lightweight temporary staging platform; suitable for event staging, school staging and concert staging. Whether you’re a local school searching for hassle free modular staging, or a theatre searching for lightweight modular performance areas, then look no further than SpeedDeck.

The SpeedDeck has been carefully designed and constructed by the best designers, utilising the best lightweight and durable materials. We are proud to have SpeedDeck in our grasps, and we cannot wait to present it to you. You will never struggle to form staging again with the easiness of this lightweight portable stage.

To find out more about SpeedDeck, you can download the specification sheet below, contact us via our web-form or you can call us on +61 3 9695 3999.

Download specification sheet

Rigid Legs

The rigid legs are round and locked into position by a flick of the integral quick action lever. The leg material is commonly available, making it easy to source and very easy to replace, should you need to. 

Aluminium frames

The extruded aluminium framing and leg brackets give extremely low weight, with very high strength and rigidity. 


Speedlocks enable stages to be locked together in almost any position, allowing you tremendous freedom to form unusual shapes, as well as traditional square or rectangle like performance areas. In addition to standard metric and imperial sizes, custom sized tops are available according to your exact requirements. Non standard shapes can be made with any number of sides, with curved or straight edges: any shape can be made.

Flexible & adaptable

Adjacent stages are locked together at the turn of a key, with our unique Speedlock system. The key is operated from the top of the stage, so there is no need to grope around under the stage or insert links for the side, as you do with other systems. The Speedlock levels the stages and pulls them together in one easy movement, so it is not necessary to position them absolutely correctly before operating the lock. A visible indicator enables the operator to confirm at a glance that the Speedlock is in the locked position. Unlike any other top operated locking system, Speedlocks can join stages in almost any position.