Clean your Shure EarBuds

Instructional video on how to use the earphone cleaning tool. | Original post on Updated July 02, 2015

What is the best way to use the Shure cleaning tool to clean my earphones?

For any wax/debris build-up, hold the earphone with the nozzle pointed downward.
While cleaning, it is desired to have the wax fall out of the nozzle, not accumulate in the center of the nozzle.

When inserting the wire loop into the nozzle, the wire loop tip should rest against the edge of the damper; the
side of the loop should rest against the side wall of the nozzle. Keep the wire loop tip against the edge of the
damper/filter. Scrape the loop around the side wall while pulling it outwards to remove the wax.

Do not press the loop deeper into the nozzle as this might puncture the damper/filter. Such damage will allow
wax/debris to get into the transducer section of the earphone. Eventually, the audio signal will
diminish or stop completely.